Thailand Holidays on the most beautiful beaches of Southeast Asia

Enjoy your holiday on Thailand's most beautiful beaches.

Koh Samui, Phuket, Krabi or Khao Lak are just some of the holiday destinations in Thailand known for their dream beaches. It is mainly the beaches and the sea that make a Thailand holiday so popular. If you want to spend your holiday in Thailand away from the tourist strongholds, EasyTours Thailand has the right tips for you.

To get to know the diversity of the country, we recommend that you do not spend the entire time in one hotel, but combine two, three or more destinations depending on the travel time. This gives you the opportunity to discover new things over and over again and tell your friends about your many travel experiences at home.

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Combine your holiday in Bangkok and southern Thailand

Relaxed beach days as a highlight of your holiday in Thailand.

Enjoy a few days of culture in Bangkok and then relax in a beautiful beach resort for the rest of the holiday. If you are also interested in this very popular travel combination, then we would be pleased to present you a varied selection of hotels and tours in Bangkok as well as our ideas for a dreamlike beach holiday.


According to your wishes we arrange your desired vacation on an island or in quiet and nevertheless local beach resorts on the mainland.

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Southern Thailand for sun worshippers, water sports enthusiasts and beach lovers

Enjoy a relaxing holiday on the beach with kayaking and snorkelling.

You love the sea and want to spend your entire holiday on the beach but not necessarily always in the same hotel. In this case we are happy to combine two or three beach hotels at different destinations such as Koh Phi Phi and Khao Lak, so that you can experience a relaxed yet varied Thailand trip.


You can read a good book and have a swim or snorkel in between. We will also be happy to show you interesting day trips that can be arranged from your hotel.

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Relaxed days by the sea and in between a few days of jungle adventure

Combine a beach holiday with jungle adventures in Thailand.

If you want to bring a little more variety to your beach holiday, a combination with a few days in the jungle is a good idea. Khao Sok National Park is easily accessible from Phuket, Phang Nga and Krabi.
Exciting tours await you here.


These include trekking and night safaris in the jungle, canoeing on the Sok River and a longtail boat trip across the beautiful Chiew Larn Lake.

There are also a variety of accommodation options, ranging from bungalow resorts and tree houses to floating bungalow complexes on the lake.

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Vacation in Thailand, but where?

Thailand offers over 2,500 kilometres of coastline and numerous islands that are more or less suitable for a beach holiday. The regions with the most beautiful beaches are also the most famous and the lesser-known jewels are protected as well as possible in order to protect them from package tourism for as long as possible. But even in the regions where mass tourism has established itself, there are still very beautiful and almost deserted beaches.

Holidays on Phuket

Experience Thailand holidays on Phuket on deserted beaches.

Phuket is often poorly rated in many travel guides, social media and rating portals. And indeed, there are horrific excesses that package tourism has brought with it. But if you only focus on this, you are clearly falling short.

There are still very nice destinations on Phuket, which make a quiet beach holiday possible. And they still enjoy their beauty, because the mass of tourists cannot find their way there or there are not enough hotels.

Compared to other regions, Phuket has the advantage that the peninsula is ideal for day trips of various kinds due to its location. Nowhere else in southern Thailand can you find such a diverse and high quality range of tours as from Phuket.

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Destination Koh Samui

Koh Samui offers everything for a great holiday in Thailand.

Like Phuket, Koh Samui can be reached quickly and easily by plane. Something that is very much appreciated by all Thailand vacationers. Meanwhile more and more areas of the island are being developed for tourism and offer the guests many very high-quality accommodations from hotels to bungalows to beach villas. Despite increasing development, most beaches and bays still convey a cosy atmosphere.

Since Koh Samui offers a lot of sun and little rain especially in the period from April to October, the island is almost without alternatives for all who would like to start their holiday trip to Thailand during this period.

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Holiday in Krabi

Enjoy a great holiday in Krabi.

From many sources, especially on the Internet, it can be read again and again that Krabi is the preferred choice, especially in comparison to Phuket. Krabi indeed offers very nice holiday destinations, especially if the whole province with all its islands is meant. On the mainland, Ao Nang in particular has developed into a tourist magnet. From here it is also not far to the most beautiful mainland beach Krabi has to offer.

And if you don't want to spend your time just on the mainland, there are numerous islands worth visiting. The most famous islands are Koh Phi Phi and the big island Koh Lanta. There are also a number of smaller islands, some of which are hardly developed for tourism.
The journey can also be made comfortably by plane, as Krabi has its own airport.

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Beach holiday in Khao Lak

Experience fantastic beach holidays in Khao Lak.

The choice of the right holiday destination depends strongly on your personal preferences. Khao Lak offers a long coastline with smaller bays and long sandy beaches. There is a large selection of hotels, so we will certainly find the right one for you.

As the seaside resort is characterised by its long sandy beaches, it is particularly suitable for holidaymakers who like swimming. If you want to experience beautiful snorkeling spots, Khao Lak is less suitable. For this you need an underwater world, which offers many rocks and corals like the island Koh Racha Yai.

Dafür ist Khao Lak ein gemütlicher Ort, der eine gute Auswahl an Restaurants und Bars bietet, so dass Sie abends auch noch etwas unternehmen können. Außerdem lassen sich auch von hier aus einige sehr schöne und qualitativ hochwertige Tagestouren organisieren.

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