Roundtrips starting in Bangkok

Visit cultural highlights on a round trip to Ayutthaya.

Bangkok is used by tour operators worldwide as a starting point for tours of Thailand. Most of these tours are group tours, many of them bus tours in larger groups. In the meantime, standard routes have developed for these round trip offers.

We have made it our business to fulfill the wishes of individual travellers who are looking for something special off the beaten track. To this end, we annually review the routes we have offered so far and regularly search for new and interesting itineraries.

Roundtrips from Bangkok to Northern Thailand

Panoramas of rice fields line your round trip through northern Thailand.

There are several ways to travel from Bangkok to Northern Thailand. Many bus trips use the highway-like main roads that lead via Sukhothai to Chiang Mai and on to Chiang Rai.

Our roundtrip routes, on the other hand, lead through the province on smaller comfortable roads to treasures and scenic destinations. We integrate cultural highlights such as the Old Royal City of Siam Ayutthaya and the UNESCO World Heritage Site Sukhothai.

In four days, for example, we will show you the most beautiful sites on an eastern route from Bangkok to Chiang Mai. From Chiang Mai there are many tours through the north of Thailand, which can be connected individually. These can take place both in the somewhat more natural northwest and in the north-east towards the Golden Triangle and the breathtakingly beautiful "White Temple of Chiang Rai".

Or we take you on a western route over Wat Phai Rong Wua through the province of Lopburi and past Uthai Thani to Sukhothai. From here there are also various possibilities to explore the north of Thailand.

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West Thailand Roundtrip

The Death End Railway is a must have lake on every West Thailand tour.

Western Thailand, especially the province of Kanchanaburi are very popular destinations. Not far from Bangkok you can easily reach tourist highlights such as the bridge over the Kwai, the Death End Railway and the Erawan Waterfall. Some of these destinations do not necessarily have to be visited as part of a round trip, but can also be reached as day trips from Bangkok, see "Bangkok Day Tours".

More relaxed, however, are round trips that combine well-known and less well-known destinations as far west as the Hellfire Pass and then south to Hua Hin, the summer residence of the royal family.

Here you can take a swim and either return to Bangkok or continue your round trip further south to the jungle of Surat Thani province and finally to one of the beaches on Phuket, Koh Samui or Krabi.

If you want to experience something special, then we offer you an overnight stay in an exceptional elephant camp. On this two-day tour we show you some of the tourist highlights such as a floating market, the Train Market or the Bridge over the Kwai. Afterwards we go to the elephant camp, where we spend a very intensive time with the animals, before returning to Bangkok in the afternoon of the following day. The animals are treated and fed very well, which we have convinced ourselves on site.
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South Thailand Roundtrip

Experience fishermen in their fishing boats on a round trip in southern Thailand.

On a journey from Bangkok to the south of Thailand you will experience a colourful bouquet of different impressions. Bangkok and its surroundings offer the most cultural sits and attractions with highlights such as the Royal Palace in Bangkok or the highest Chedi in the world in the neighbouring province of Nakhon Pathom. To the west are well-known destinations such as the Bridge over the Kwai and Death Railway as well as floating markets and the Train Market.

Towards the south, the experiences are more and more determined by landscape impressions. This is particularly true of the region south of Hua Hin, the summer residence of the royal family. In the region around Hua Hin there are some beaches, which invite to a bathing day in between.

Afterwards we pass plantations of rubber trees, palms and pineapples to the jungle of the Khao Sok National Park. On the way there you will find some insider tips, for example the best seafood restaurant in Thailand.

Khao Sok National Park itself offers a variety of activities such as jungle trekking, canoeing and night safaris. On request, we can also arrange an overnight stay in one of the floating bungalow resorts on Lake Chiew Larn.

From the jungle we finally take you to a beach of your choice, where you can enjoy a few more bathing days.

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Cultural trip to Phimai in East Thailand

Experience Phimai and its temples on a tour of eastern Thailand.

Phimai is a historic town, situated n the province of Nakhon Ratchasima that emerged from a former Khmer city. The temple district still has an unresolved question for scientists. The gates from the interior of the temple to the outer boundary point exactly in the direction of Angkor Wat in Cambodia. And all this with an accuracy that satellites are now used to calculate.

On the way to Phimai or back to Bangkok you can visit the Khao Yai National Park, where wild elephants still live today. This tour is ideal for those interested in culture who have already visited destinations such as Ayutthaya and Sukhothai or would like to see as many cultural sites during their trip as possible.

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