Scuba Diving in Thailand

Unforgettable diving experiences off Koh Haa in Thailand.

Thailand offers numerous very beautiful and varied diving spots, which are among the best in Southeast Asia. Most dive sites have to be reached by boat, as they are located further out in the sea. On the other hand, diving directly from the shore is very rare.

Dive trips can be done as day trips or as a liveaboard with one or more overnight stays on board. Scuba diving safaris are especially worthwhile in the Andaman Sea, where diving areas such as the Similan Islands or smaller island groups such as Koh Ha and Koh Phi Phi are located.

The demands on scuba divers differ. But in general, especially beginners or those who want to get their diving licence in Thailand will find easy diving conditions, especially on Koh Samui and Koh Tao. However, a final assessment and recommendation strongly depends on the time you want to travel.

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Diving areas

Diving at Koh Tao in the Gulf of Thailand

Great Thailand diving tours with dives around Koh Tao.

In the Gulf of Thailand is the small island Koh Tao, which has developed into a centre for divers on the eastern side of Thailand. The island is especially popular among younger guests, both divers and backpackers.


If you don't want to dive every day, you can also do day trips from Koh Samui to the most beautiful dive sites around Koh Tao. Apart from simple diving spots, there are also scuba diving sites for advanced divers up to challenging dives at Chumphon Pinnacle.
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The northern Andaman Sea with diving sites from Similan Islands to Richelieu Rock

The Similan Islands offer divers unique diving experiences.

Diving in the northern Andaman Sea is best with a multi-day diving safari. Day trips are offered, but the time involved is high and is only recommended as an emergency solution if you would like to take a diving excursion during your beach holiday.

The Similan Islands have made Thailand world famous among divers. But the dive sites continue further north to Richelieu Rock, known for its encounters with sharks and whale sharks. As day trips to dive sites north of the Similans make less and less sense, the dive sites empty accordingly.

The Similan Islands and more northern dive sites are recommended for scuba divers with diving experience. The current conditions can be challenging even for experienced divers and deep dives are part of the standard program at least on liveaboards.
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The Mergui Archipelago

On the dive boat through the beautiful Mergui Archipelago.

If you want to experience almost untouched dive sites, a diving safari to the Mergui Archipelago even further north is a good idea. It already belongs to Myanmar and requires some formalities and fees as well as a special locally available visa, which also make the scuba diving tours exclusive in price.

The Mergui Archipelago is definitely no place for beginners, but will delight any scuba diver with some diving experience.
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The southern Andaman Sea with diving areas from Koh Phi Phi to Koh Haa

Experience the most beautiful dives in the southern Andaman Sea of Thailand.

Between Phuket and Krabi there are many dive sites. However, diving bases are widespread and there is at least one diving base on many islands. The island with the most dive operators in the Andaman Sea is Koh Phi Phi. If you plan your stay on an island and want to do many dives, you should consider Koh Phi Phi Phi as a good option. Phuket is also a good starting point for diving trips. There are a number of good scuba diving bases that both maintain their diving equipment well and head for interesting diving destinations. Liveaboard trips to the dive sites of Koh Rock and Koh Haa start also on Phuket.

The dive sites in the southern Andaman Sea are suitable for all divers, so even beginners will have a lot of fun.

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Diving tours from Phuket

Top diving tours from Phuket to the best dive sites in Thailand.

There are many dive boats that offer liveaboards from Phuket. The quality of the boats, the dive sites, the diving equipment and the dive guides as well as the size of the dive groups differ considerably. EasyTours Thailand offers high quality diving tours and diving safaris and whenever possible personally tests diving bases and diving boats.
Dive safaris can last from two to six days, with a minimum of four days from Phuket to the Similan Islands.

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Liveaboards from Khao Lak

Great liveaboards in Thailand and the Mergui Archipelago.

The most beautiful diving experiences in the northern Andaman Sea you will have on diving safaris lasting several days. There are also some but few good day trips to the Similan Islands. This variant is suitable if you like to have a day of diving in between and otherwise prefer to spend your holiday on the beach.

However, if you really want to do unforgettable dives, there are at least three days of liveaboards that will take you to dive sites further north of Similan Islands. Dive safaris last from three to six days.

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