EasyTour Asia Co. Ltd. - Who we are

EasyTour Asia Co. Ltd. is a Destination Management Company (DMC) based in Thailand. The founders established the company out of love for travel and people in Southeast Asia.
All investors are not originally from the travel industry but have come together because of their enjoyment of good travel. The group's financial strength and commitment enable the company to develop in the long term.
The primary goal of EasyTour Asia is to promote sustainable travel while respecting people, animals and nature. In this sense, individual travellers and small groups are supported.
Offers that do not promote local structures but in the worst case destroy their character are not supported. This includes all forms of package tourism and mass tourism.
EasyTour Asia's mission is to provide high quality services. If these services cannot be provided with own employees but have to be purchased as for example boat tours, diving tours or helicopter flights, EasyTour Asia regularly checks the services of its partners.

Our business model

EasyTour Asia has opened up its business model and now also offers holidays directly to end customers. As a DMC, we offer our services to tour operators and travel agencies that fit in with our travel concept. Large tour operators with mass business are categorically excluded. These include e.g. Thomas Cook, TUI, Kuoni and DER.
We offer our partners trips and itineraries that meet the following requirements:

  • Travel with components that are unique. This means that
    • these services are not offered to any other of our partners based in the same country,
    • we regularly try to create tours that are not offered in this form by any other DMC.
  • Regular training of our guides.
  • Regular review of the destinations with regard to the number of tourists and adaptation of the tour itineraries with the aim of avoiding mass tourism.
  • Feedback discussions with our partners after each customer trip with the aim of identifying and improving weak points that still exist.

In order to meet the promise of unique travel services per partner and country, we only offer complete itineraries. These can be adapted in advance according to the wishes of our partners so that they best suit their customers.
We do not publish lists which contain all our individual tours and which can be put together by our partners to travel at will. Only in this way can we guarantee that each of our partners receives unique services.
Should individual customer adaptations be necessary, we offer to prepare and send these within two working days (Monday to Friday). We also check the effects on the travel experience of our guests. Criteria are pure travel times per day, number and quality of sights on the way and total travel time per day, to name just a few.