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Create unforgettable memories with EasyTours Thailand's family holidays. Our Thailand family holiday packages are designed to provide fun, educational, and relaxing experiences for travelers of all ages. Discover beautiful beaches, cultural sites, and exciting activities that will delight your entire family.

Why plan family holidays with EasyTours Thailand?

Book family-friendly beach resorts on Koh Samui with EasyTours Thailand

Family-friendly destinations
Our Thailand family holidays take you to the most family-friendly places in the country. From the beaches of Koh Samui to the cultural highlights of Chiang Mai, we have selected the best destinations for families.
Activities for young and old
Every trip is designed to be fun for both children and adults. From beach games and jungle adventures to interactive cultural programmes, we have something for everyone.
Comfortable and safe accommodation
We offer comfortable and safe accommodation specially designed for families. From family resorts to child-friendly hotels - we make sure you feel at home.

An overview of our family holidays

Elephant encounters in selected, personally inspected elephant camps

Beach Vacations
Enjoy sun, sand, and sea with our family-friendly beach vacations. Relax on pristine beaches, build sandcastles, and swim in the clear waters of Thailand's top beach destinations.
Cultural Experiences
Immerse your family in Thailand's rich culture. Visit ancient temples, explore vibrant markets, and participate in traditional Thai cooking classes and craft workshops.
Wildlife Adventures
Introduce your family to Thailand's diverse wildlife. Visit elephant sanctuaries, explore national parks, and take guided tours to see exotic animals in their natural habitats.
Island Hopping
Experience the beauty of Thailand's islands with our family-friendly island hopping tours. Discover hidden coves, snorkel in crystal-clear waters, and enjoy beach picnics on picturesque islands.
Adventure Activities
Keep the excitement alive with adventure activities suitable for all ages. Enjoy quad-tours, jungle trekking, and boat tours that offer fun and thrills for the whole family.
Relaxation and Wellness
Unwind and recharge with our relaxation and wellness packages. Enjoy family-friendly spa treatments, yoga sessions, and wellness retreats in tranquil settings

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Information for families

Is Thailand a safe destination for families?
Yes, Thailand is a safe destination for families. We take care to select safe and family-friendly accommodation and activities.

What activities are suitable for children in Thailand?
There are many child-friendly activities in Thailand, including boat tours, snorkelling, cultural experiences, elephant watching and jungle adventures.

What is the best time to travel to Thailand for families?
In principle, Thailand can be travelled to during all school holiday periods. Even in the summer holidays, when it is actually the rainy season in Thailand, there are weatherproof regions that are suitable for a beautiful and sunny beach holiday.