Fantastic Thailand round trips  - examples of customer trips

Experience the beauty and richness of Thailand's culture and nature on our tailor-made individual tours. We would like to show you three examples of the many different trips our customers have taken so far. All of them offer unforgettable experiences and unique insights into the culture, nature and history of this fascinating country. Let yourself be inspired, discover the trip that suits you and start your adventure through Thailand.

Thailand round trip of a couple from Australia

On remote routes through the mountains of Chiang Rai.

The two have already been to Bangkok and southern Thailand several times. This trip is intended to complete their previous Thailand experiences with a round trip to the north. The following points are important to them when planning their trip:

  • A private round trip with your own guide and driver.
  • Individual travel arrangements.
  • Comfortable to luxurious accommodation.
  • Enjoy encounters with elephants.
  • A mixture of cultural highlights and special experiences away from the tourist crowds.

The route leads from Bangkok westwards to the province of Kanchanaburi with sights such as the River Kwai Bridge and the Death End Railway as well as a stay at one of the most beautiful elephant camps in Thailand. We then travel via the former royal cities of Ayutthaya and Sukhothai to Chiang Mai in northern Thailand. After a few beautiful day trips to the sights in and around Chiang Mai, the tour continues to the neighboring province of Chiang Rai. There they will spend another night in an elephant camp and enjoy a mix of highlights such as the "White Temple of Chiang Rai" and the Golden Triangle as well as beautiful mountain routes off the beaten track.


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Thailand round trip of a couple from Belgium

Si Satchanalai, a little-known tourist gem.

It was not the first trip to Thailand for the two of them. They had already been to Southeast Asia several times, including Thailand in 2012. The following points were important to them when planning their trip:

  • A finely tuned itinerary.
  • Comfortable cars.
  • Good to very good hotels.
  • A good price-performance ratio at a high level.
  • Private tours with our own guides.

After a three-day stay in Bangkok with three very nice day tours, the following round trip leads from Bangkok via Ayutthaya and Sukhothai to Chiang Mai in northern Thailand. From there, they travel south by plane to Khao Sok National Park with the fascinating Chiew Larn Lake. After a few days on the beach in Khao Lak, the trip ends with a stopover in Bangkok and the return flight to Brussels.


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Thailand round trip of a mother with two children from Germany

Floating bungalows on Chiew Larn Lake.

It was the family's first trip to Thailand. The mother organized a lot on her own, booked the flights and, with the exception of Khao Sok National Park, the hotels too. As friends of hers had already traveled with us, she picked up a few tips that she would definitely like to experience with her children:

  • A Klong tour and a visit to a floating market in Bangkok away from the other tourists.
  • A stay in an elephant camp with overnight accommodation in central Thailand. At the camp, each guest is assigned their own elephant, which they look after together with the mahout.
  • A trip to Khao Sok National Park in the south of Thailand, including a boat tour on Chiew Larn Lake.

The tours in Bangkok and Kanchanaburi were private, with their  own guides and drivers. In Khao Sok National Park, a small group tour was chosen instead of a possible private tour.


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Did you get inspired?

Each of these individual tours to Thailand has been carefully put together to offer our customers unforgettable experiences and authentic impressions. Start your adventure and discover the beauty of Thailand!

With our tailor-made Thailand round trips, you can experience the country in your own way - unique and unforgettable.